【LIVE】乃木坂46 9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 〜3期生ライブ〜(for J-LODlive)

デビュー9周年を記念した「9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE」
デビュー記念日の2月22日を皮切りに今年は分散開催としてきましたが、6公演目となる9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE最終公演は3期生12名が務めました。
本映像では2021年6月にリリースした最新シングル「ごめんねFingers crossed」から3期生楽曲「大人たちには指示されない」をご紹介いたします。

“9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE” in commemoration of the 9th anniversary since their debut
This year’s 9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE was held across separate occasions starting on February 22nd, the anniversary of their debut, and the 6th and final performance of the event featured 12 3rd members.
This was the first concert in four years to feature only 3rd members since the last one in May 2017, but the members put on a dignified performance worthy of the group’s core generation.
This video introduces the 3rd members’ song “Otonatachiniwa Shijisarenai” from their latest single “Gomenne Fingers crossed” released in June 2021.

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