『BLEACH ED3』 Younha – Houki boshi┃Cover by Raon Lee

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Vocal cover & Video editing :: Raon Lee 이라온
Chorus Guide :: Raon Lee 이라온
Instrumental arrangement :: M2U
Mixed & Mastering & Feat :: Taramaxu 타라맛스

Song Title :: 혜성 (ほうき星, Houki boshi)
Artist :: 윤하 (ユンナ, Younha)
Anime :: 블리치 (ブリーチ, BLEACH)
Original link ::


Hey, Lovely Radoongs! It’s Raon 🙂 ♥
Today! I covered Younha’s song, 「Houki boshi」!
She filled my playlist with great songs for 15 years💖
(TMI: I’m a huge fan who’s been listening to Younha’s songs since her debut song came out✨)
When I was in school, I used to sing Younha’s songs with my friends
whenever I was stressed from studying…☆ I really miss those days!💦
Students who started school this week! (+Workers)!
Hope you start STRONG after hearing Younha’s Houki boshi that gives you energy! ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )

Thank you for listening 🙂
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